Lo Alo has been singing for as long as she can remember—from show tunes to heavy metal, there’s few genres she doesn’t enjoy. While singing gave her a first taste of performing, she’s spent the last 8 years working in the metro Detroit theatre scene and pursuing a degree in theatre.  As far as musicals go, if you’ve caught a show at the Bonstelle or Underground Theatre at Wayne State within the last six years, there’s a chance Lo’s face is familiar. Most recently, she performed in an interactive Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Motown Mansion with Opera MODO. Her favorite performance opportunity thus far? Hands-down, getting the chance to play Veronica in Heathers: the musical.

Aside from music and theatre, Lo has a passion for wire-wrapping crystal jewelry, fantasy novels, and her three little monsters (otherwise known as cats). 

In early February of this year (‘24), Lo was in a show entitled A(r)t Work, in which she and a handful of her acting friends wrote their own scenes with the topic of “artists who work.” Or rather, artists whose main form of income doesn’t or can’t come solely from their art. It seems kind of ironically serendipitous that within the same month, Lo got a little lucky in finding the Phoenix Theory in need of another singer, and luckier still that they thought she’d be a good fit. One step closer to making performing her main profession, Lo is beyond excited for this new chapter of life and the opportunity to bring music to the masses!